• 35 yrs of Assistance
$5,085,000 has been distributed in the 35 years of our operation (1985 - 2019).
• 2019 Recipients
165 households
In 2019, 165 qualified applicants were assisted through the tireless work of our volunteers.
• Distributed in 2019
In 2019 our staff of volunteers worked to distribute over $96,590 to those qualified applicants.


Around here, volunteers can be the only thing standing between us and disaster. They fight our fires, rush to our sides when we're sick or injured, provide shelter during storms. We hear the sirens and we know help is near.

But many volunteers work quietly, without sirens and flashing lights.

The People for People Fund simply couldn't exist without the trained volunteers that staff its office year-round, dedicated men and women who help local folks through one-time financial emergencies. They process applications, gather and confirm documentation, answer phones, sort through bills and, most importantly, provide a buffer zone between those seeking respite and the financial wolves at their doors.

Volunteers must complete a training course and be available during weekday office hours, when the fund's Middletown office is open. Some are retirees, some work in volunteer time around their work schedules. All share a common commitment to the People for People mission and to the community they serve.

"The volunteers come from all different backgrounds. We have nurses and firefighters and business professionals and homemakers," said People for People Executive Director Marsi Clark, "but each and every one has an empathy and concern for their neighbors. People for People simply wouldn't exist without them."

People for People

Since its first campaign in 1985,
the Times Herald-Record's
People for People Fund has
distributed over $4.4 million
through the year of 2014

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