• 35 yrs of Assistance
$5,085,000 has been distributed in the 35 years of our operation (1985 - 2019).
• 2019 Recipients
165 households
In 2019, 165 qualified applicants were assisted through the tireless work of our volunteers.
• Distributed in 2019
In 2019 our staff of volunteers worked to distribute over $96,590 to those qualified applicants.

The Value of Giving

In difficult economic times it is important that effective community oriented funds can be adequately supported and expanded so that the growing unmet needs of children, families, and people can be addressed.

Being affiliated with the Times Herald-Record puts the People for People Fund in a unique position in the mid-Hudson region, as the Record's reporters can shine a light upon areas of poverty, neglect and dysfunction. This affiliation also serves as an effective fundraising mechanism that allows the People for People Fund to operate in perpetuity.

At Christmastime each year for the last decade it has been a joy to donate to the People for People Fund because I know that the funds will be responsibly used to ease the burden of many neighbors and fellow citizens. On behalf of the Bruderhof, I wholeheartedly endorse and support the Times Herald-Record's People for People Fund.

Johann Christoph Arnold
Senior Pastor
Rifton, NY

People for People

Since its first campaign in 1985,
the Times Herald-Record's
People for People Fund has
distributed over $4.4 million
through the year of 2014

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