• 35 yrs of Assistance
$5,085,000 has been distributed in the 35 years of our operation (1985 - 2019).
• 2019 Recipients
165 households
In 2019, 165 qualified applicants were assisted through the tireless work of our volunteers.
• Distributed in 2019
In 2019 our staff of volunteers worked to distribute over $96,590 to those qualified applicants.

Giving Extends to the Work Place

Debbie Fox, member-service representative at the Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union's Middletown branch, had been impressed by the People for People Fund for quite some time; she has been a regular contributor to the fund and has occasionally referred customers who appeared to be in need.

The credit union holds a variety of fundraisers each year, and employees from each of its 12 branches were allowed to select a charity. "Something triggered the idea that People for People would be perfect," says Debbie. When she told her co-workers about the fund, they agreed.

The credit union is raffling a Nook to raise money, and has set up a table (complete with candy to further entice customers) with information about the fund. Contributors' names are written on a sticker to be displayed at the credit union.

"I like the idea that People for People helps those who might fall between the cracks," says Debbie. "I don't think there's anything around here like that. It falls out of the mainstream."

She said she also likes the fact that the Times Herald-Record provides overhead costs so that nearly all funds raised go directly to people in need.

"We explain to people that the fund provides immediate assistance, not long-term," she says. "I like that."

People for People

Since its first campaign in 1985,
the Times Herald-Record's
People for People Fund has
distributed over $4.4 million
through the year of 2014

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